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Lost $500K to learn my lessons and went from $0 to $5K in 3 months | Teach aspiring founders how to build startups to last |

A story of a non-tech founder who is building one of the fastest growing startups.

20 years ago Paul Yacoubian started as a public accountant. A founder with no tech background, in 2020 in the middle of lockdown, he launched a service that got 2K users in 48 hours and kept growing like crazy every single month. Here is what made

Reddit is a specific social media. There are startup founders who hate going there, and founders who love it. Here’s a step by step guide how to advertise on Reddit.

Is Reddit for you?

First and the most obvious question to ask, when would you want to reach out to audience that is on Reddit? Who are those people?
According to the latest survey by Statista, 49% of all Reddit audience are located in the USA.

Why you should never ask customers, what their problem is, and other important aspects of the process.

When a VC asks you: “Did you talk to someone before building your product?” they refer to customer interviews. And almost every founder would give a positive answer to this question.

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However, 8 out of 10 founders I mentor presume that “talk to someone” means they show the prototype of…

These are the stages in a startup life when customer interviews would deliver maximum value.

Interviewing a customer
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The short answer to the question, when customer interviews will be the most valuable for the startup is “always”. Honestly, I can’t think of any other type of market research or even wider, data extraction, that can produce as much value per effort as customer interview if it’s done right…

Did you know that you can get 79% more conversions on emotionally optimized landing page? Here’s how you can do it

landing page
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Buying persona and how it should NOT look like

If you belng to this rate type of founders who actually create buying personas — skip this intro. But in my experience, only 4 out of 10 founders take time and effort to work on buying personas. And only 1 out of 4 add emotional dimention to it. The good…

Dagobert Renouf has recently grown his startup from 0 to $2K monthly revenue. It was not all roses. Why does nobody want to buy from you from day one, and how to get a steady and growing income? These 10 rules contain the answers Dagobert has found.

1. Wrong, lame or poor marketing is better than no marketing at all.

Logology has 2 co-founders: me and my wife. As a technical person through and through, from the very beginning I was focused on the product. My wife is a designer, she is a source of a unique knowledge set and skills that is behind all Logology business. So basically, she…

Influencers can boost your brand awareness up to x10. And in many cases you don’t even have to pay for that

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If you’re not sure how useful influencers can be for your business, take this recent example: Carrd — a service that helps with building a very simple single-page website. Carrd’s founder AJ has been growing this business steadily for 2 years. Userbase grew at a good speed of 10K a…

She started at 14 with selling hand-made scarves. Now she is a CEO of one of Silicon Valley unicorns. With no business degree, and no coding skills whatsoever

Useful research

Melanie Perkins, a founder of Canva, started her entrepreneur’s career by selling hand-made scarves out of her mom’s backyard. When she was 19 and was studying in the University of Perth, Australia, she and her boy-friend Cliff Obrecht decided to start a business. But they were not sure what to…

They built a prototype of a week, raised $1.5M, saved > $15M of debt for users. All — without writing a line of code.

They built a prototype of a Fintech product in a week, raised $1.5M, won a Google startup award for Black founders, saved > $15M of debt for users. All — without writing a line of code. Being a tech startup, they still don’t have anyone really “technical” on their stuff.

Here are a couple of examples you’d want to steal

I’ve been dealing with content marketing for 15 years now. I started when everything was printed and Facebook, IG and Twitter did not exist. Now, the channels have changd. But not the attitude.

Some startup founders I work with stll believe that content marketing = SEO. Or “some blog posts”…

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