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It’s not a “black pattern” when you use data that behavioural scientists provide in your marketing strategy. It’s just a growth hack that can yield 120% increase in conversion rate.

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Behavioural science has long ago discovered biases that change our perceptions and make us act in a specific way. However, only a few companies really use these discoveries to boost their sales. Let’s have a quick look at those who have done a great job integrating psychology into their marketing…

Four approaches to subscription pricing and the pitfalls to be aware of

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In 2011 two professors from UCSD Ayelet and Uri Gneezy got themselves hired in a local grocery store. With the goal to set an experiment on pricing. And sell some Cabernet bottles.

The results of their experiment were groundbreaking. What they found out will definitely help you to decide how…

He was an immigrant, and knew nothing about coding. He failed all his business ventures. Still, he ended up building a $3B software startup.

Tope Awotona was 12 when his father was murdered right in front of him. A successfull serial entrepreneur, microbiologist with Unilever, Awotona-senior became a victim of a stupid carjacking accident that happened while he was parking in front of his family house in Nigeria. …

Tim Chen was 27 when he was fired and decided to start his own business. 12 years later it got $1B evaluation during the IPO.

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Tim Chen had a bright future in front of him: a Stanford graduate, he immediately got a position in a hedge fund as a junior manager due to his degree in Finance.

Too bad, in just several months JP Morgan Chases trading business collapsed, and young promising graduates started being…

Roberto Robles is not a developer, he doesn’t write codes a lot. But he’s figured out what is the best language for a startup anyway.

So, if not JS — then what? If you’re a tech founder you’re probably now making bets: Typescript? React? Node? Certainly it must be Python then.


If you’re a non-techie, you’re probably thinking that it’s not your concern but it can be useful to know anyway — to niche…

An old but efficient framework that proved to start a flywheel effect and generated hundreds of pre-orders.

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In 1977 Gary Halbert, the best copywriter of all times, was hired to manage the launch of Tova Perfume. After the launch, the company’s revenue skyrocketed from $20K/month to $800K/ month. The crazy thing — the strategy he used can work wonders even today. What exactly did Gary do?

Talk to your customers. Or someone who has access to them


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