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  • Alessandra Esse

    Alessandra Esse

    Avid reader. Writer by passion. Blogger and Success Coach. Italian living in Switzerland. www.thenextmetric.com

  • Robert Balazsi

    Robert Balazsi

    Java tech lead by day, indie maker by night. Currently building DataGrab.io, a no-code web scraping tool.

  • Daniel Vassallo

    Daniel Vassallo

    Being independent. https://twitter.com/dvassallo.

  • Leo Guinan

    Leo Guinan

    Social Network Engineer — founder of https://feathercrm.io

  • Philipp Stelzel - Gedankensplitter

    Philipp Stelzel - Gedankensplitter

    I help individuals build their personal monopolies by harnessing the power of no-code tools. Free Course: https://philipp-stelzel.com/en/build-in-public-free/

  • Jovan Cicmil

    Jovan Cicmil

    Author of The Unstoppable Freelancer -> https://gum.co/BeFree

  • Ben Dexter Cooley

    Ben Dexter Cooley

    Visualization Software Engineer @ Pattern (Broad Institute). Designer, developer, data artist. Portfolio: bendoesdataviz.com | Art: bdexter.com

  • Gaby Goldberg

    Gaby Goldberg

    Investor at TCG Crypto. Alum @Stanford. Follow me @gaby_goldberg.

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