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Ana Bibikova
2 min readDec 29, 2021


I’m Ana, marketing strategist, a co-founder of and I want to say thank you for landing on my profile!

I’m a marketing generalist, a startup founder and an entrepreneur. So far, I’ve built 2 profitable businesses with over $4M annual revenue each, and even closed one €6M deal with the Cyprus Government. But I’m more than that: I’m also a devoted Mom of two trouble-makers, a no-code advocate, a volunteer mentor with the Founder Institute and a huge fan of Thai food. However, you won’t find parenthood advice or Tom Yum recipes here. I write about startups, and everything related: pricing policies, marketing tactics, user journeys, important aspects of customer behaviour and stories of the entrepreneurs that inspire me personally.

Occasionally I would write a more “philosophical” story about choices that we have to make as founders, or about loneliness we have to deal with while building business without a partner.

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