How to increase conversion rate fast

Two methods that would quickly increase free-to-paid users conversion rate for your SaaS.

Ana Bibikova
4 min readJun 16, 2022
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Every early-stage SaaS startup with a free trial plan has this problem: users sign up for the service but only a little portion of them actually convert into paying users. Read here what are the reasons for that.

The good news: there are ways to change it quickly. I personally know of two methods that work extremelly well and have proved their efficiency.

1. Go with an opt-out framework

Of course you’re familiar with it. But I will still offer aquick explanation — just to be on the safe side (because some founders actually mix it up with the opt-out for newsletters) .

An opt-in free trial — it’s when a user gets access without providing payment information up-front.

Opt-out free trial — it’s when you ask for credit card details when an account is created.

How efficient is this? According to Tomasz Tunguz, it could increase your free-to-paid conversion rate by up to five times…