Help startup founders on marketing while building my own DTC brand and a 3rd startup.

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I’m Ana and I want to say thank you for landing on my profile!

I’m a marketing generalist, a startup founder and an entrepreneur. So far, I’ve built 2 profitable businesses with over $4M annual revenue each, and even closed one €6M deal with the Cyprus Government. But I’m more…

In the startup world, we constantly hear this “niche down”. But what does it even mean? How niche should you go? And how to figure out what is your niche and what is the right marketing strategy for it?

Sometime ago I posted on Twitter something along the lines of “our product is for everyone” being the biggest nightmare for a startup marketer. I’ve got dozens of likes and responses.

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And just one person asked me:

But what about Google? It used to be a startup product. …

A fascinating story of a psychologist who was learning how to code in public.

Marie Ng knows a secret — documenting your every step and sharing it with the public is a key to success. This framework helped her to build a startup from scratch, brought 500 paying users and $100K in venture investment. This is how it started.

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Marie did not expect to…

Turning social proof into a powerful tool to boost your conversion rate

We all know that we need social proof on the landing page. But what kind of proof? And how efficient can it actually be? Do we need to post testimonials provided by the real people or generic “Andy N. likes it” will do?

If you’re asking yourself these questions —…

If you’re planning to feature your product in a newsletter these ads might provide you with valuable insights on how to get the best results

Creating a newsletter ad that converts is an art in itself.
A great newsletter add should:

— address specific needs and desires of this specific newsletter audience (you can’t be generic)
— contain a compelling promise
— provide a clear call to action

Keep in mind that your design, copy…

Startup emailing 101: tactics, examples and step-by-step guides

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Emailing is not a tactic, it’s a channel you can use to:

— cold outreach — moving leads down the funnel (from prospects to customers)
— increasing engagement with your brand
— activating users during the onboarding

— keeping inactive users in the funnel so that at the right moment…

Why pricing your product lower makes no sense and what options do you have with the pricing policy.

Pricing can be tricky. Especially when you just enter the market. It seems that if you make your offer more competitive the customer will be inclined to choose it over other available options. Offering life-time deals or annual subscription for $50 “just for the launch week” — seems plausible, right…

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